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Made out of a stable, rigid plastic material. Features removable, self-adhesive foam lining which internally covers the entire surface of the ankle. Hypoallergenic, breathable, and anti-sweat. Features two very strong bilateral aluminum gussets for stabilization of the foot. Four self-adhesive fixation straps. Anatomically designed, shock absorbent "ROCKER BOTTOM" sole. Features a valve for introduction and expulsion of air (in-out) to reduce and treat swelling. In addition, it features a polycentric ROM mechanism from 45° plantar flexion to 45° dorsal flexion, in a choice of positions at 7.5° increments. Splint height 35cm. Ambidextrous.

Size small medium large x-large
Shoe size 36-39 40-44 44-46½ 46½+