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The orthosis consists of a four-part construction. lumbar, femoral, tibial, and "Drop Foot" All the sections are interconnected with metal high-quality, durable metal struts.

a) Lumbar section

The belt is made out of "Active Space II" fabric, which is a combination of polyurethane, externally lined with "Polyamide" and internally lined with "Terry." The fabric is durable, hypoallergenic, anti-sweat and breathable. The two self-grip straps adjust the level of support in the abdominal area and achieve stabilization of the orthotic. 

b) Femoral section

Made out of "Active Space II" fabric. The three self-grip non-elastic foam straps stabilize the orthotic in the proper position. The hip joint features a polycentric "ROM" mechanism for regulation of flexion and extension, with a choice of positions at 15° increments:

• Flexion: 0° to 120°

• Extension: 0° to 90°

• Hyperextension: 0° to 30°

c) Tibial Section

Made out of "Active Space II" fabric. The three adhesive self-grip straps stabilize the brace and achieve proper fit. Between the femoral and tibial sections, there are two polycentric mechanisms for regulation of knee flexion-extension (bilaterally) by 20 ° increments.

• Flexion: 0° to 110°

• Extension: 0° to 130°

There are also two foam pads for protection of the condyles on the knee area,

d) Foot Section

Features integrated shoe brace made out of carbon fibers which keeps the foot in a neutral position in the event of "drop foot." Recommended for patients weighing up to 80 kg.

Available in both left-sided and right-sided.

Size small medium large x-large
Circumference of thigh A (cm) From 44 to 75
Circumference of thigh B (cm) From 34 to 55
Length of thigh section (cm) C 21,5 25,5 28,5 28,5
Length of tibial section to the foot (cm) D 42-47 42-52 42-55 50-61


Size small medium large x-large
Foot length (cm) 22 24 26 28


Suitable for a waist circumference of 75cm to 125cm