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Metallic, lightweight, high-quality and durable. Lined with "AirDistance," a soft, breathable, and anti-sweat foam material. 

The lateral support portion features flexible immobilization gussets. The upper extremity portion features two straps at the forearm and one at the arm. The grip maintains the wrist in a neutral position and allows for hand and forearm muscle exercises of the hand and forearm. 

Metallic polycentric mechanism made of lightweight aluminum alloy.  Features  a bilateral safety button. Regulates immobilization of the shoulder in abduction in a choice of positions 0 °, 15 °, 30 °, 60 °, 75 ° and 90 °. Self-adheres to the brace to ensure stabilization of the upper extremity. 

Foam counter support for regulation of horizontal adduction or abduction of the shoulder when required. Applied with straps (on both sides of the polycentric mechanism) through which is the desired position of the shoulder joint is achieved.

Self-grip belt at the waist for application. Adjustable suspension strap with a clip at the chest and Velcro on the dorsal aspect. 


Μέγεθος small medium large
Ύψος ασθενή (cm) 150-165 165-175 175+