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Made out of "ActivDistance II" soft foam material. Internal lining of antibacterial and anti-sweat cotton material. The outer self-grip surface offers a wide range of methods in which to apply the brace. Consists of two sections (arm and forearm), with adjustable Velcro straps. Features soft pads for elbow protection and an adjustable strap for suspension of the hand. The hinges are made out of a high-quality metallic material. 

The two metal bars with polycentric 1R mechanism are applied with self-adhesive Velcro. The polycentric 1R mechanism is an innovative solution for regulating range of motion, flexion, and extension of the elbow. The diameter of the mechanism is very small (30mm) and is adjustable by 15° increments in a choice of positions. 

a) Flexion: from 0° to 90°

b) Extension: from 0° to 90°

C) hyperextension from 0° -15° -30°

In addition, proper application of the brace is achieved with a magnetic clasp 

The special design of the locking device and the disc allows for precise adjustment of the angulation of the polycentric mechanism. A palm grip can be fitted on the brace. The brace is applied telescopically and provides restriction of pronation and supination of the forearm when required, keeping the hand in a neutral position. The brace is exceptionally lightweight. Available in both left-sided and right-sided.

Size medium large
Arm Circumference (cm)* 27-42 27-42
Forearm circumference (cm)** 20-34 20-34
Arm section length A (cm) 14,5 18,5
Forearm section length B (cm) 30-37 35-42

*Measure 6cm above the elbow

**Measure 6cm below the elbow