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The brace consists of a femoral and a tibial section. Made out of "ActiveDistance II" polyurethane foam material with a double layer of hypoallergenic and anti-sweat lining. The two innovative side bars are made out of carbon fiber polyamide. These are exceptionally lightweight (replacing metal ones) Features four self-grip stabilization straps (two in the femoral and two in tibial section). The brace’s 1R polycentric mechanism permits flexion and extension of the knee by 15° increments, with bolts fitted with the use of an Allen wrench, in a choice of positions.  a) Flexion: 0° – 120° b) Extension: 0°- 90°.

Features self-grip foam condyle pads. Height 42cm. Ambidextrous.

Thigh circumference: 44-52cm

Shin circumference: 34-42cm