"Gelcell" High risk decubitus cushion

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Unique combination of AIR AND GEL, technologically innovative, relieves the pressure from body weight, especially to people with a high likelihood of presenting skin ulcers. 

• 34 air cells that allow air circulation throughout the surface of the pillow. Each air cell is overlaid with a "TruGel” silicone part, achieving defuse of the pressure.

Gelcell Pillow  helps the proper operation of capillary vessels.

"TruGel" material properties.

It achieves the correct sharing of the body weight.

It maintains a stable skin temperature.

• When pressure is applied, the air is dissipated to each air chamber distributing equally the weight and therefore reducing the high concentration of pressure in the area of the coccyx.

Gelcell consists of three (3) layers of "film polyurethane" of a total thickness of 1mm. It is difficult to wear and tear it.

• The cushion surface is covered by a transparent protecting "pu film" material, for easy cleaning. Suitable for people with incontinence.

• Lightweight and easy to carry.

• It is easily inflated and adjusted.

• The packaging includes the outer cover and an air pump.

Maximum user weight: 130kg


(Width x length x height)

40cm x 40cm x 4cm

45cm x 40cm x 4cm

45cm x 45cm x 4cm