Medium-risk decubitus cushion

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A super lightweight cushion composed of three layers of material. 

1. Base made of  high density "foam".

2. Intermediate "FloGel" of four parts.

3. Anatomically moldable"viscoelastic" on the upper part.

• Special design to harmonize with the body shape of the user.

•  The combination of the three materials achieves uniform distribution of the weight and relieves from the pressure applied in the seating position.

• Used by all sides.

• Suitable for people with moderate likelihood of presenting skin ulcers.

 The cushion surface is covered by a transparent protecting "pu film" 

for easy cleaning. Suitable for people with incontinence.

• Lightweight and easy to carry.

• High-durability.

• The packaging includes the outer cover.

Maximum user weight: 80kg


(Width x length x height)

40cm x 40cm x 4cm

45cm x 40cm x 4cm

45cm x 45cm x 4cm