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Excellent aid for regaining mobility, strengthening of the muscular system, and protection of the ligaments and joints.  Made out of innovative "AirDistance II", which consists of three parts (polyamide, EVA foam polyamide-3D). Ventilated, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and ant-sweat. The brace features an open design at the arm and a self-adhesive chest strap, with a special shoulder cushion for proper application. In addition, the sling features a system for regulation of shoulder abduction. The arm strap is lined with silicone to prevent movement of the brace. Reduces pain. provides offloading of the shoulder muscles and ligaments. Suitable for long-term therapeutic use. Ambidextrous.


Μέγεθος small medium large x-large
Περίμετρος βραχίονος (cm) 25-29 29,5-33 33,5-37 37,5-41
Περίμετρος θώρακος (cm) 80-110 80-110 90-140 90-140