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Consists of an ergonomic and anatomically designed rear thoracolumbar section. Features a front adjustable-height chest pad for extension or hyperextension of the torso Interior soft and hypoallergenic foam lining. Self-adhesive belt with a mechanism to gradually increase compression and stabilization of the trunk. The belt is self-adhesive and removable, depending on the progress of the patient’s health. Adjustable spinal support straps with integrated shoulder pads. A self-adhesive air-chamber system for offloading of the spine can be added (Code 04-2-031).

Size small medium large x-large xx-large xxx-large
Waist circumference (cm) 75-88 88-101 99-110 110-123 123-131 128-145
Chest circumference (cm) 67-75 75-83 83-91 91-99 99-107 107-115
Brace height (cm) 46 46 50 50 50 50