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REA BALANCE DISC can be used in multiple ways. When used as a sitting cushion it strengthens your core and back muscles, relieves long-term back pain and shoulder aches, improves posture, balance and sensory modulations. REA BALANCE DISC workouts target a number of muscle groups: upper and lower back, abs, core, torso, arms, legs and gluts. REA BALANCE DISC is a combination of two surfaces: LARGE SPIKY DIMPLES on one side for relaxing foot massages and VERY SMALL DIMPLES on the reverse side to act as a wobble seat cushion for your chair and great replacement for ball chair seats. REA BALANCE DISC is easy to inflate as it comes with smart pump. You choose the inflation level that’s right.

Diameter: 34 cm

Durability: up to 220 kg

Included: pump