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Made out of 3D elastomeric material, breathable and soft. Consists of two sections: Externally made out of durable 3D polyamide and internally out of skin-friendly cotton fabric "ActivExpanse" is a stable so as to ensure proper fit of the brace. Hypoallergenic, breathable, and anti-sweat. Features moulded support struts: One palmar, two dorsal, and one at the thumb. Four self-grip Velcro stabilization straps. Immobilizes the wrist, stabilizes the thumb in extension, as well as the MP-CMC joints. Permits full movement of the fingers. Available in both left-sided and right-sided.

Size small medium large x-large
Wrist circumference (cm) 13,5-15 15,5-17 17,5-19 19,5-21