"V-Comfort" Electrical bed

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Multi folding electrical bed, with wood covering. Metal sommier with bars to fit the mattress. The backrest tilting and the lower limbs elevation is conducted with an electric controller that locks, to prevent accidents. The total height of the bed is electrically adjusted at selected positions. Option for independent operation of the motors of the headboard or the footboard ("Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg Position"). Backup 9V battery case, in the event of a power failure. Individual operation of the head and the lower extremities motors. Two wooden bilateral side protections, removable and in compliance with safety specifications. Patient elevation trapeze with deltoid adjustable handle. Easy transport on site, thanks to the four casters with brakes, which secure independently. The bed has four metal sockets for the stabilization of the mattress. The assembly is easy without the use tools.

Technical Characteristics

Total bed length 213cm

Total bed width 104cm

Sommier Length 200cm

Sommier Width 88cm

Sommier elevation range from the ground 30cm to 70cm

Maximum backrest angle 70°

Maximum lower extremities angle 35°

Knee angle 25°

Side protections height from sommier 10cm to 38cm

Maximum load weight (kg) 150kg