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Made out of "AirDistance" foam material, anti-sweat, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. External "polyamide" lining. The lumbar belt can be cut to the desired size, at points indicated with special markings. Features a metal lumbar-thigh bar with a built-in polycentric mechanism. Immobilizes or controls the movement of the hip joint The polycentric extension-hyperextension mechanism is adjustable, with a choice of various positions.

a) Flexion: from 0° to 120°, by increments of 15°

b) Extension: from 0° to 90°, by increments of 15°

C) hyperextension from 30° to 0°, by increments of 15°

The brace features two lumbar and two thigh straps, for application and immobilization. The metal bar is adjustable in height. Ensures proper positioning of the pelvis when the patient is in the upright position.

Available in both left-sided and right-sided.